These Beyoncé + Pharrell Lullaby Remixes Are Right On Time

These Beyoncé + Pharrell Lullaby Remixes Are Right On Time

UPDATE: Beyoncé Shares More Pictures After Bombshell Pregnancy Announcement

Photo of Beyoncé + Blue Ivy courtesy of Beyonce.com.

We need the clairvoyance skills of that Twitter page that predicted Beyoncé‘s pregnancy like a year ago. As the Fates would conceive it to be, King Bey, better known as Beysus Chryst has been blessed with two twin bundles of joy. The announcement broke the inters-of-net, while giving men + women sheer baby fever. On the other side of the game, and no less spectacular of an announcement, Skateboard P, also known as the award-winning everyman Pharrell Williams, shared news that he and his wife gave birth to triplets — making it apparent that all of our faves from the early 2000s are now grown AF.

These two musical powerhouses have a pure decade-plus in the pocket, dominating the charts, creating new waves + being an all around good vibe in the industry. Now, as parents twice over, these two influencers get to impart their wisdom, energy and DNA on a new generation. Pharrell damn near has given birth to his own version of N.E.R.D., while Beyoncé has just set up her retirement fund thanks to the creation of her own Destiny’s Child from her own womb. How woke to do you have to be to see the levels in that?! Seemingly ahead of the curve, Rockabye Baby has been keeping another kid-friendly installment in the pocket for just said occasion.

Titled Rockabye Baby!: Lullaby Renditions of Beyoncé — the 13-track collection features a host of the H-Town legend’s biggest hits turned into bedtime-friendly songs for you and your little ones. We’re encouraging these two Grammy superstars to get a sneak peek and play it for their young while still nestled in their mother’s bellies. The first single, albeit not in line with the life goals of these two stars, is still a catchy diddy that still goes hard whenever it plays.

Listen to “Single Ladies,” and for good measure we put in “Get Lucky” by Pharrell, and celebrate the miracles of childbirth with the whole family when Rockabye Baby!: Lullaby Renditions of Beyoncé hits shelves on Feb. 24.

1. Crazy In Love
2. Hold Up
3. Irreplaceable
4. Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)
5. Say My Name
6. Love On Top
7. Countdown
8. Run the World (Girls)
9. Naughty Girl
10. Drunk in Love
11. Listen
12. Sorry
13. Halo

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