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Revivalist Exclusive: Interview w/ Mark Kelley of The Roots

by Petra
8 years ago

The Revivalist caught up with Mark Kelley, new bass player for The Roots, as he settles into his new gig. Read below as he gives insight into the typical day of a Roots musician, some of his personal history, and his continuing role as an in-demand bassist and artistic creator.

It’s a very special opportunity to be playing on such a consistent basis and with so many guests on the Fallon Show. What have been some of your favorite experiences thus far?

Man, we backed Dave Stewart from Eurythmics recently. We played some of his new stuff and then we did a version of “Sweet Dreams” that was real cool. We’ve had so may people on the show it’s incredible. It’s always fun because either we have a sit-in guest, where they just sit-in with us throughout the show, or we have a featured artist. Sometimes they want the Roots to back them with their stuff. It’s a wide range of stuff. We did a song with Hunter Hayes. I guess he’s a new country-western kid who plays guitar and sings. It was fun. That’s the thing, there are so many different genres you have to cover playing the gig, but it’s fun. It keeps you going.

Read the full interview over at Revivalist.

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