Remy Ma Disses Nicki Minaj Heavy On "ShETHER"

Remy Ma Offers A Seven-Minute Diss Session On "ShETHER"


The gloves have finally come off. For years now it has been assumed that Bronx’s own, Remy Ma, was sending not-so-subliminal shots at Nicki Minaj. Now, the Plato y Plomo rapper has went full tilt, critiquing everything about Nicki from copying her style to having a silicone-injected, fake tookus.

The cut, “ShETHER,” which is an introspective, accusatory, vicious cut of Nasir Jones’ “Ether,” finds Remy Ma stepping up the challenge to knock off the biggest grossing female rapper in the game. From claiming that Nicki stole a line from her to breaking down her contract situation — Remy says that Nicki is not a boss, but only a worker.

Nicki already has a bit of war-wordplay towards Remy with her recently released “Make Love” track featuring Gucci Mane that was released Thursday, Feb. 23. In it, she directs shots towards Remy Ma and Azalea Banks, rapping, “One platinum plaque, album flopped.”

No less than 48 hours later, Remy’s “ShETHER” is equally explicit. As she making references to people Nicki may have had sex with, plus people who ghostwritten her songs — it is apparent that Remy is quickly responding to Nicki Minaj’s brand of shade from “Make Love”.

Listen to the gully cut, “ShETHER” below. Share your favorite bars + thoughts in the comments section or with us on Twitter @Okayplayer.

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