Reggie Watts Live Kwanzaa Freakout At Okayplayer Holiday Jam

Eddie "STATS" Imported from Detroit.
Reggie Watts live at Okayplayer Holiday Jam 2013

Reggie Watts live at Okayplayer Holiday Jam 2013

Certified musical wildman Reggie Watts brought the Reggie Watts experience to the Okayplayer Holiday Jam this year (brought to you by our friends at The House Of Marley and Heineken) and if you’ve ever experienced Reggie Watts on stage you know roughly what to expect; there will be two or more boxes with a lot of knobs on them, a microphone (two box of knobs and a microphone!) and any other expectations are misplaced. Reggie’s show is an improvised electro-acoustic aural freakout which is perhaps best described not so much as a one man band as a one-man uncle jam’s cybernetic army. Nothing really says holiday like an extended electro-acoustic freakout, in our books, but Mr. Watts was not about to be satisfied with the usual freakout, transitioning from his secular, any-day-of-the-year freakout into a full on speaking-in-tongues episode of Kwanzaa sampler-glossolalia by the end. Good times! Without further ado, enjoy our last little nugget of live holiday jams from this year’s 7th annual Holiday Jam and press play on Reggie Watts live Kwanzaa freakout below:

Special thanks to House of Marley

Allison Swank

Lance Steagall
Emmai Alaquiva
Kevin Ornelas
Jason Bergman

Lance Steagall

Productions Assistants:
Rory Webb
Imani Lindsey

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