Reggie Ossé Says, "Mogul: The Chris Lighty Story" Is Hip-Hop [Exclusive]

Reggie Ossé: "The Story of Chris Lighty Is The Story of The American Dream"

Faces Of Black Twitter: Meet Reggie Ossé

Photo of Reggie Ossé taken by Mari Sheibley for Bevel Code.

Spotify, the popular streaming service, is upgrading its offering by including exclusive podcasts.

As of today, Thursday, Feb. 23, there will be three new podcasts that will introduce their audiences to a different facet of the music industry. The one of particular interest and note is  Mogul: The Chris Lighty Story, which will be hosted by our Faces of Black Twitter compatriot, Reggie Ossé, better known on these inters-of-nets as Combat Jack.

Exploring the life, connections and career of the late, great music industry executive, Chris Lighty, the series will include the artists he worked with (50 Cent, Missy Elliott, Puff Daddy and others) plus include commentary from his contemporaries (Russell Simmons, Fat Joe, Warren G). The Chris Lighty Story, which is a working title, will be produced in partnership between Gimlet Media and The Loudspeakers Network.

We reached out to Reggie for color and context behind Spotify’s newest venture. Here’s what he had to say:

“The story of Chris Lighty is the story of hip-hop, and of course, the American Dream. It is going to be very cinematic using the theater of the mind, and it is going to be fucking dope and will expand the dimensions of urban hip-hop podcasting. Close members of his family will also be features, as well as childhood friends and original members of the Violator crew. DJ Red AlertJungle Brothers, as well as others [will make appearances]. The series will also be told in six parts. That’s it!”

The other two programs, Showstopper, hosted by The FADER‘s editor-in-chief Naomi Zeichner, and Unpacked with Broad City music supervisor Matt FX and Spotify Studios’ Michele Santucci will help the company to grow beyond its music streaming services.

The Chris Lighty Story is slated to make its premiere in April.

H/T: Billboard

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