OKP Exclusive: Big Ghost Reviews Lil Wayne – ‘IANAHB 2’

“She say sorry I didnt shave…so that pussy a little furry”

“I put that pussy in my face…AGHH AINT GAHHT NO WHUUREES”

Imma start skippin shit now…

Lil Wayne

6. “Back To You” – This n**ga still doin rock ballads? Fuckouttahere. Shit sounds like rap music from countries where they hang you in the middle of the street if you get caught tryin to look up a broad’s burka.

soulja boy tell 'em

7. “Trigger Finger” (f/ Soulja Boy) – Jus when you think shit cant get no worse the words “feat. Soulja Boy” pop up on the tracklist. Tunechi back on his NOT THAT BAD shit for this track so the joint is goin aight til Deandre comes along n gets his little “worst rapper alive” on. This little ratchet muthafucka only spit 8 bars n every second line ended wit “fresh to death.” Was this shit even a verse? The n**ga so trash he makin Wayne sound like Black Thought on this muthafucka….

Gunplay threatens a fish

8. “Beat The Shit” (f/ Gunplay) – If you make it past the wack ass intro you might gon be feelin this one. That virtuoso L taker Gunplay kinda went in nahmean. This the type shit you appreciate when you drunk as fuck n in the presence of dime broads wit lowered inhibitions n no self esteem…when you dont gotta care in the world n shit. The joint cool for what it is…some wild out shit. The part of the hook where Wayne is singin a bitch ass folk song can go tho.

9.  “Rich As Fuck”  (f/ 2 Chainz) – T-Minus be makin summa the wackest n**gas sound tolerable on these beats yo. Lyrically its whatever by this point. What Imma tell you? Son STILL trash? …Im sure yall gettin the picture. So yeah the track aight even tho Weezy still deliverin punchline stillbirths like he ghostwritin a J Cole album. I fucks wit it.

Juicy J is gettin trippy mane

10. “Trippy” (f/ Juicy J) – This like that old(er) Wayne…like he actually spittin. I aint mad at it. Also ya boy Juicy J went IN on this simple ass beat. But Tune actually got some bars on this one… Im actually fuckin wit this shit. Pretty damn heavy.

Lil Wayne - Bitches Love Me

11.  “Bitches Love Me” (f/ Drake & Future) – And like THAT….the King of recycle bin rap is back. N**ga was gone for 1.5 songs n he back witta vengeance now. Summa yall mighta caught wind of the fact that I been feelin the last couple Drake releases. “Started From The Bottom” was kinda a nice breath of fresh air from that beige muthafucka…a nice break from all the simp anthems n cape wavin. Then son dropped the “5 Am In Toronto” joint…n even tho the tough talk is jus funny comin from the n**ga who sang a duet wit Rihanna over a calypso house ballad the shit was aight. Its like I been said…Drake talkin tough on records is like a lotion dispenser squirtin out a couple hard chunks…its still all lotion. Which brings us back to THAT Drake. Thats the Drake croonin on the corny ass hook wit Future. Anyways that n**ga Aubrey probably got some easter eggs to lay so Imma move on.

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