Q-Tip Announces New ATCQ Mixtape on Pandora Radio [Exclusive]

Q-Tip Announces New A Tribe Called Quest Channel on Pandora Radio

by Kevito
December 14, 2016 11:00 AM

Q-Tip Announces New A Tribe Called Quest Channel on Pandora Radio

We already have El Capitan‘s Questlove Supreme on our Pandora radio dial, so how do you think the game will feel when they learn that A Tribe Called Quest will now have a channel?

Launching this week, Kamaal the Abstract will lift us off of Planet Drumpf and whisk us away to the funky sounds and rhythms only for Native Tongues. The mixtape / channel, which will be titled, “We The People,” will comprise of those otherworldly hits that will make your earholes light up. Eager audiophiles will be able to enjoy all this low-end on Pandora, which should make that countdown to inauguration look like a blur.

Tribe’s return to the front line has been applauded by real heads, certified by think-pieces and retweets on the socials. By offering us a commanding voice to shout at the injustices going on in the country without actually putting hands on an officer — We Got It From Here … Thanks 4 Your Service has been one of the most politically-minded releases outside of A Seat at the Table.

In short, this is what we need at this time, and Q-Tip knows it. “We have to really look at ourselves and look at ourselves individually and as a human race,” he says during the program. “We have to bond together. We can’t run away from our problems, or not face them or go to another planet,” speaking on the album’s first track “The Space Program”. So, if you’re waiting for Tesla to get space travel right for you, you’re better off just pressing play and listen as Tribe gives us the Flow when the We The People mixtape launches on Dec. 14 at 11:00 a.m.

Listen to the “We the People” mixtape by clicking here. Don’t forget you can get your copy of We Got It From Here … Thanks 4 Your Service at our OKP Shop!

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