Prince's Web Archive To Become The Prince Online Museum

Prince's Web Archives To Be Turned Into The Prince Online Museum

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It is no secret that Prince was ahead of his time. From having his own website during the second big dotcom boom to his NPG Music Club, which won a Webby Lifetime Achievement Award, Prince is now going to have 16 of his official websites turned into an online archive. The Beautiful One has been a savant when it came to online escapades with the last two decades dedicated to adding his brand of influence to the World Wide Web.

Called the Prince Online Museum, the archive will feature a timeline of the websites from his first (TheDawn.com) to his most recent (3rdEyeGirl.com), which was created in 2013 and named after his band. “They are snapshots in time to experience the web sites just like they were when they were active,” said Sam Jennings, the director of the Prince Online Museum, who also worked with Prince for nine years. The Prince Online Museum will also feature testimonials from the people who were involved in creating and running them for Prince, as well as links, screen shots and videos.

“Other than the music, there is another side to Prince, which was his fierce independence and wanting to connect directly with his audience without any middlemen,” Jennings continued. No one is receiving any compensation for this project either.

With his personal web presence limited to Twitter and his music on the music site, Tidal, this is an opportunity to appreciate the imagination and creativity that was flowing through Prince’s neurons for the past 20 years.

You can read the full scope at The New York Times‘ Music Page by clicking here.

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