Zenizen Offers Soulful Grooves With "Follow The Leader"

Premiere: New York's Own Zenizen Offers Soulful Grooves With "Follow The Leader"


Do you really love soul? If so, then Zenizen is the band for you and those like you. Comprised of the talents of Opal Hoyt, this Alaska-born, Brooklyn-raised musician grew up to become a force of nature, blending future sounds with a soulfulness rarely heard on the airwaves these days. Influenced by J Dilla, Flying Lotus and others, this New York City-based wunderkind has been ripping through audiences with her contagious musical landscapes, poetic lyricism and psychedelic grooves.

It is our pleasure to showcase a new track from the group in the form of “Follow the Leader”. According to Opal Hoyt, “Follow the Leader” was the first song she wrote after deciding to create this EP, which was written and recorded during a month long stay in Australia. “One of the reasons I love going there is everyone’s sense of leisure [and] adventure,” she said via e-mailed statement. “We had driven out to Half Moon Bay and I was trying to write when I saw these kids drinking and hanging out in the water — all of them around 14-15,” she wrote. “I just thought it was so funny—like watching a whole ecosystem of teenage badassery develop while they got drunk. The whole song is about them.”

Zenizen’s seriously creative style will impress those who love experimental sounds. Press play, listen to “Follow the Leader” below and keep an eye out for their debut EP, Australia, which will be available for pre-order on October 3rd.

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