Low Leaf & the Ascension Crew Cover Aaliyah In New Track

Premiere: Low Leaf & the Ascension Crew Honor Aaliyah In "One In A Million" Tribute Video

Premiere: Low Leaf & the Ascension Crew Honor Aaliyah In "One In A Million" Tribute Video
Photograph of Low Leaf provided and shot by Jacqulyn Whang.

Who is Low Leaf? What is a Low Leaf, you ask? Well, before you go off the deep end in trying to figure it all out, let us help you. The Los Angeles-based multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, composer and producer is rooted in classical sound, yet she has a funky side that has captivated anyone that has opened up their ears to her. Self-taught, Low Leaf plays the harp, piano, guitar and is an accomplished producer. With all that in consideration, Low Leaf joins the Ascension Crew to become an instrument of truth by honoring the late Aaliyah Haughton with a cover of the still-popular cut, “One In A Million”.

Low Leaf’s album, titled Palm Psalms: A Light to Resolve All Darkness¬†(via Creator DIY), is scheduled for release this October. And while the cover will not be on the album, we were able to get the creative’s thoughts on what inspired her to perform such a classic song, what different take she feels she offered on “One In A Million” and what can you, the listener, expect from her upcoming album.

On what inspired her to perform “One In A Million” by Aaliyah:

“Aaliyah was one of my favorite musicians growing up in the ’90s. She was obviously talented and beautiful, but she also had a purity about her that made her shine brighter than the rest. I think it was her grace that inspired me the most. These days, it’s so rare to find a musician who carries an aura that doesn’t feel dirtied by the world, or isn’t so calculated and extracted from what’s already been done. I was feeling strange about the general female examples of our time, and what kind of disruptive identity that sends out to young girls and women. So, I kinda re-interpreted “One in a Million” as a tribute to her spirit, and a type of love that makes the heart sing.”

On what Low Leaf offered audiophiles on “One In A Million” that’s different from the original:

“I always enjoy re-writing songs I’ve written on different instruments with a new style, so I’ll typically have three versions of the same song depending on what instrument I play it on. I guess in this same way, I took the energy from Aaliyah’s song and passed it through my filter. I did my best to write something that I felt would be a worthy offering, since so many including myself respect her so much. It’s definitely not comparable to the original, but, it’s my own humble take on it.”

On what listeners can expect from Low Leaf and her upcoming album, TK:

“The new album doesn’t sound like anything I’ve done before. It’s all live instrumentation, strings, bass, drums, horns, flutes, et cetera with minimal electronics. So, I guess expect it sounds like me with a band and a mini-orchestra, which means during all of my live shows I’ll be playing with a band too! I call them the Ascension crew.”

You can listen to her cover of “One In A Million” below, plus continue to check back here for more information about Palm Psalms: A Light to Resolve All Darkness¬†when it hits the public on Oct. 14th.

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