Premiere: "Human Behavior," "Self Portrait By James Tillman

Premiere: James Tillman Drops Two Cuts — "Human Behavior" & "Self Portrait of A New Yorker"

Premiere: James Tillman Drops Two Cuts — "Human Behavior" & "Self Portrait of A New Yorker"

If you haven’t heard James Tillman‘s debut EP, Shangri-La, then don’t worry, we got you covered. Despite being one of our very first First Look Friday subjects, James has been the voice of intimacy, as his folk-pop style was made apparent after our own homie, Chief Boima, told us about this incredible artist two years ago. Fast forward to today, and we’re ecstatic to premiere two new tracks from this young, emerging artist.

With his first full-length effort, Silk Noise Reflex, blending the genres of soul and R&B — James wanted to make sure that he gave you, the audiophile, an extra incentive to check him out. The double-helping of dopeness comes in the form of “Human Behavior” and “Self Portrait of A New Yorker,” which you can hear for yourself below. Rich, progressive and powered by those feelings created by the ’80s and ’90s, “Human Behavior” is a refreshing approach to songwriting. On the cut, James situated his wistful, sturdy and solid voice is full of emotional weight.

Both songs were written with his early years in New York City in mind, which imbue Silk Noise Reflex with a mature and confident critique of the Big Apple through James’ optimistic lens. The project will be free in digital form for those who go directly to James Tillman’s website, yet there will be an additional special cassette release out on Gentle Reminder Records for the true school collectors. Inspired by an old dusty tape of bootlegged Prince material he received, James recreates the moment for a new generation of music lovers.

“Know of the past, but don’t recreate or imitate it,” he told us when asked how he would explain his Silk Noise Reflex release to the new-age millennials in the game. If going to James’ website or copping the special cassette aren’t your bag, Silk Noise Reflex will also be accessible from other places on the web such as Bandcamp, Datpiff and Bitorent Bundle. In a free/pay-what-you-wish type of way, James Tillman makes it hard for you to argue against copping his latest project. Recorded on the fly in New York City, Los Angeles, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. — Silk Noise Reflex will stand out due to his new sound and imaginative take on modern R&B and soul.

Listen to “Human Behavior” and “Self Portrait of A New Yorker” above and below, and don’t forget to tell James Tillman (and us!) what you think on Twitter @JMTill.

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