Phonte + Eric Roberson Break Down The #Tigallerro Album

Phonte + Eric Roberson Break Down Why It's So Easy To Work On #Tigallerro

by Kevito
July 14, 2016 12:00 PM

Phonte + Eric Roberson Break Down Why It's So Easy To Work On #Tigallerro

Phonte + Eric Roberson have been talking about putting out a joint album since way back in December of 2013. The two have already given audiophiles a taste of their chemistry and styles on tracks such as “Been In Love” (2007), “Who Loves You More” (2011) and my personal favorite — “We Are On The Move” (2013). Fast forward three years, and we finally have the 10-track project, Tigallerro, to anticipate banging out of our speakers for the rest of 2016. With such intriguing titles as “Grow This Love,” “Lie To Me,” and “3:45,” Tigallerro is sounding like what happens when Roger Troutman linked up with Dr. Dre or when Tony! Toni! Toné bodied music with DJ Quik. To prep fans for the beautifulness that is this long-awaited album, Phonte + Eric Roberson have unleashed the first single, “It’s So Easy,” which you can listen to below, and it is a pure jolt of euphoric energy to the earholes.

From their album cover serving as a wink-and-a-smile to Maxwell‘s Urban Hang Suite cover to hearing their soulful hip-hop sounds mashed up together, Tigallerro is just the sort of music that the Lord has made for audiophiles like myself and others. July 22, which is the album’s release date, is only a week away, so we decided to reach out to the talented tandem to talk about their recent collaboration. The rapper-slash-sanga from North Carolina and the passionate vocalist from New Jersey break down their monumental experiences with Tigallerro, the recording process behind the project and offer their elevator pitch as to why you should cop this cooler-than-most effort. Be sure to circle July 22 on your calendar, press play on “It’s So Easy” and enjoy reading our exclusive rap session with Phonte + Eric Roberson below!

Okayplayer: You and Eric Roberson have been in the studio before for previous projects. What was the experience like this time recording #Tigallerro?

Phonte: Actually, me and Erro have never been in the studio together before [this project]. All of our collaborations, including this album, have been done Foreign Exchange style [laughs]. Aside from that time when Erro sang the “Who Loves You More” hook [from the Charity Starts at Home] the night before I had to turn in the album for mastering — and  it was probably the most “11th hour” project I’ve ever worked on. Ultimately, [the project] was a labor of love, but it was mad stressful [laughs]. [There were] lots of moving parts that had to be assembled, man.

Erro: With “Been In Love,” we were in the studio together, though I had already done my part. I watched Phonte have a conversation with my dad, while at the same time writing his rhyme in his head. He went in the booth and knocked it out in one take. But everything else has pretty much been sending files and ideas through the internet. I agree [that] this experience was stressful but only because we both had so much going on. I just had my third kid, so [I] was trying to balance my life. On the album, I said, “Let me address while I’m blessed, while I kick this freestyle with my son on my chest.” Lil’ man was literally laying on me asleep when I said that. Phone was on tour with Foreign Exchange during a large part of the recording, so he was burning the candle on both ends. I have no idea how he did [all that] for real.

OKP: What is the story behind the album, #Tigallerro? Can you talk about the recording process, too?

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