Judge Denies Dismissal Request For Philando Castile Trial

Judge Denies Request To Dismiss Philando Castile Case Against Cop

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Judge William Leary III ruled today (Feb. 15) that it will not dismiss the case against Officer Jeronimo Yanez who is charged with the manslaughter death of Philando Castile.

Castile, 32, was shot as his girlfriend streamed the aftermath live on Facebook after telling the officer that he was armed. Officer Yanez’s attorneys attempted to argue that Castile’s own negligence exonerated Yanez, but Judge Leary III countered by saying “a victim’s unreasonable conduct is never an absolute defense to a criminal charge.”

Perceiving a threat to his life, Officer Yanez’s attorneys argue that he “responded accordingly,” but why with the taking of another person’s life? The prosecution, led by Jeff Paulsen, argues that Philando should not have been killed for any reason, given the purpose of being stopped in the first place.

A hearing where Yanez is expected to enter his plea is set for Feb. 27.


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