Pharrell Williams & Gwen Stefani Are Being Sued Over 2014 Song “Spark The Fire”

Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams Are Being Sued

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Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams are being sued over alleged copyright infringement. The song in question is 2014’s “Spark The Fire,” which was also co-written by Pharrell. Richard Morrill, the former lead vocalist for the band L.A.P.D., is doing the suing. L.A.P.D. would eventually become the better known band Korn. Morrill is claiming that Stefani’s song “Spark The Fire” infringes on his 1996 song “Who’s Got My Lightah.” Morrill is suing for damages, the profits made from the song, acknowledgment that his copyrights were infringed, and lawyer fees. A while back during an episode of the Beats 1 Radio show #OTHERTone during #ComplexCon, Pharrell remarked that a new N.E.R.D album will eventually be released. Hopefully there are no copyright infringements suits that arise from said album. Pharrell was involved in the high profile copyright infringement suit for Robin Thicke‘s hit track “Blurred Lines.” The song pretty noticeably jacked Marvin Gaye‘s 1977 song “Got to Give It Up.” The song also featured T.I. Thicke and Pharrell were ordered to cough up $7.3 million to Gaye’s family. In this new case, judge for yourself by listening to both “Who’s Got My Lightah” and “Spark The Fire” below. Scroll down further to read the suit.

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