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Following Police Union’s Objection, Petition Asks Amazon To Continue Selling BLM Merch

A petition has been made to ask Amazon to continue selling Black Lives Matter merchandise, following the Fraternal Order of Police’s attempt to stop the selling of such items.

“The Black Lives Matter movement is about empowering the systemically oppressed, and that is something Amazon should stand behind,” Kelsey B, the petition’s creator, writes. “Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has spoken out on progressive issues before, now it’s time for him to release a statement of support for the Black Lives Matter movement.”

“The Police Union claims that asking Amazon to stop selling this merchandise is about increasing trust between police and the community, but trying to squash the community’s needs, desires, and rights by limiting their freedom of expression will not lead to that end,” Kelsey continues. “The union already got Walmart to stop selling this stuff, we can’t let them pressure Amazon into doing the same thing.”

So far the petition has gained over 21,000 signatures, with the goal being 25,000. According to the petition page, Amazon partially gave in to the FOP’s request. The site removed a t-shirt that read “BULLETPROOF – Black Lives Matter.”

Recently, Black Lives Matter launched a website that connects its users with black owned businesses across the country. Called, the website is made in partnership with Black Lives Matter and ad agency J. Walter Thompson.

“Black-owned business have long been a staple in the Black community providing jobs, economic security and a somewhere for us to go and feel seen and safe,” Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors said in a statement. “In these uncertain times, we need these places more than ever.”

A beta version of the website is currently up, but users can get a sample of what it hopes to do by typing in their zip code and seeing what black-owned businesses are near them.

To sign the petition asking Amazon to continue selling Black Lives Matter merchandise, go here.

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