Watch The 'DreamStates' Trailer Starring Saul Williams

Pass The Popcorn: Watch The 'DreamStates' Trailer Starring Saul Williams

Photo by Katina Parker

Photo by Katina Parker

Broadway star, lyrical poet and world renown musician, Saul Williams, has partnered up with Anisia Uzeyman (The Nest) to gift the world, DreamStates. The duo’s AfroPunk-inspired love story was shot in its entirety on two iPhones and tells the story of two artists who find themselves in love after meeting and touring together across the United States.

Uzeyman makes her directorial debut and writes this “underground portrait of a sultry, sensual and quixotic America,” and you’ll be able to check out the trailer for the film below. As these two wayward souls embrace love while touring the U.S. alongside the most fiercest forces that AfroPunk has to offer — Uzeyman’s debut feature film features non-linear storytelling and pioneering creativity.

This hypnotic journey features the acclaimed poet and actor Saul Williams, CX KiDTRONiK, Beau Sia and William Nadylam. Filmed in thirty-two out of the 50 states in the country, DreamStates is a layered, immersive “visual poem” that weaves engaging characters with hyper-saturated colors.

Watch the manic, yet uninhabited blackness on display as Saul Williams and Anisia Uzeyman capture the manic nature of love on the road by pressing play on the trailer underneath.

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