Pass The Popcorn: Watch John Legend’s ‘Can You Dig This’ Documentary Trailer

Can You Dig This Trailer Square

Can You Dig This Trailer

In neighborhoods like South Central, Los Angeles, problems grow like weeds. From poverty to police corruption to gang violence and drug addition, it can often seem as if a way out from under the life-and-death pressures of urban life. There are, however, ways by which to heal communities, and one of them is explored in detail by the new documentary Can You Dig This, which was produced in part by John Legend and tells the story of an unlikely garden’s lasting impact on the lives of those in need of something to believe in.

Directed by Delila Vallot, the film centers around Ron Finley, the self-proclaimed “Gangsta Gardener,” who almost single-handedly helped to demonstrate the redemptive power of gardening for South Central residents. John Legend’s Get Lifted production company helped make the feature a reality, and now both a new trailer and an official theatrical release date have been secured. On Wednesday, December 1st, the world will get its first proper shot to see Can You Dig This outside of the film festival circuit, and Okayplayer can’t recommend it enough. It’s both tearful and heartwarming, difficult and gleeful–a creative look into how one simple project can make all the difference for so many people.

Watch the Can You Dig This trailer below, and find out more about the film by cruising over to its official website.

CAN YOU DIG THIS – TRAILER from Delirio Films on Vimeo.

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