P.SO The Earthtone King Describes An "American Apartheid"

P.SO The Earthtone King + 2 Hungry Bros. Describe An "American Apartheid"


In an era where too many people of color are fighting against injustices, police brutality and systemic racism — there are those in the Arts that are on the front lines. P.SO the Earthtone King and his partners-in-rap, 2 Hungry Bros., tackle the proverbial “itch” under the skin of America’s love for killing people of color. The Buffalo, New York MC uses hip-hop over dark, piano-laced instrumentals provided by 2 Hungry Bros. to talk about his role in today’s cultural landscape.

A featured appearance from New York by way of South Carolina lyricist, LiKWUiD, finds her sharing a story of being pulled over by the fuzz. As the two MC’s use this song to vent their personal frustrations, this latest cut sheds more light quite like the Douglas Massey book of the same name. For those who are just getting familiar with P.SO the Earthtone King, this “culture enthusiast” has delivered highly praised projects alongside High Water Music and HiPNOTT Records. He, as well as the 2 Hungry Bros., are dope collaborators and are worth you checking out this fine piece of inspired music.

Without any further ado, HiPNOTT Records, 2 Hungry Bros., P.SO and LiKWUiD present “American Apartheid” in advance of their forthcoming #PaleoTuesday series. Listen to the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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