Weird Together's 'Ready For This' Is Global Awesomeness

OKP Premiere: Weird Together's 'Ready For This' Exemplifies Global Awesomeness


Music is a powerful melting pot that merges styles, cultures and sounds to flavor the earholes of people all over the world. For Weird Together, this blend of organic awesomeness with talented symmetry has been making an impact from the other side of globe. With ethnic roots from Africa to Cuba to the Caribbean to the U.K., Weird Together is represented by New Zealand + Auckland based music guys, Nick Dwyer and DJ Dick “Magik” Johnson.

After securing their vibe during a fortuitous recording sessions, the duo built out their 8-piece ensemble to consist of two DJs, a vocalist, a two-piece horn section, a guitarist, a percussionist and a steel pannist. On “Ready For This,” a premiere we’re happy to debut, lead singer Bianca motivates lazy listeners with a call-to-action to break necks and grind feet into dust.

With a digital melody that proves to be an enjoyable all-out assault on the ear drums, Weird Together’s music is worth the reputable co-signs it has received from the world’s finest global rhythm ambassadors. The Feel Up Records signees (Jillionaire from Major Lazer‘s label) are ready to make a splash in your speakers and your live stage. The question is are you ready for this?

Stream the track below + purchase once you’re ready from Amazon!

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