Watch Suff Daddy's Aviary Awesomeness With 'Macrowave'

OKP Premiere: Watch Suff Daddy's Aviary Awesomeness With 'Macrowave'


The man, the myth, the awesome force from Jakarta Records, Suff Daddy, has been one of the top notch producer for the label for some time now. His brand of funkiness has been featured on Miles Bonny and Brenk Sinatra, plus it is hard as well whenever it bangs out the speakers. Today, we’re ecstatic to premiere a new cut from the fly percussive and rhythmic talent, as “Macrowave,” is the first offering from Suff Daddy’s BIRDSONGS album.

“In non-technical use, birdsongs are the sounds that are melodious to the human ear,” the Wikipedia for ‘birdsongs’ saids. “Some groups are nearly voiceless, producing only percussive and rhythmic sounds, such as the storks, which clatter their bills.” With Suff laying another egg in the form of new heat-rocks, the producer finds the effort rooted in his signature sound while evolving his process. A little more synth, less sample chops, less straight hip-hop and melody to the ear’s delight — BIRDSONGS represents a slight change in tonality.

The album also features some of the fellow birds Suff Daddy is known to fly the friendly skies with. Betty Ford Boy‘s Dexter adds drums and baselines, and Mayer Hawthorne delivers some stellar vocals. Press play on the video below, but before you do keep an eye out for Suff Daddy’s upcoming tour which will feature a live band for his very first time.

Purchase BIRDSONGS by clicking here.

17.11. GER-Leipzig – Distillery
18.11. GER-Hamburg – Kleiner Donner
19.11. GER-Munster – Skaters Palace Cafe
20.11. GER-Cologne – Yuca
23.11. A-Vienna – B72
24.11. GER-Munich – Milla
25.11. GER-Stuttgart – Schräglage
26.11. GER-Berlin – Private Club

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