Silentjay x Jace XL Share 'Vibrate' + 'Sacrifice' W/ The Masses

OKP Premiere: Silentjay x Jace XL Share 'Vibrate' + 'Sacrifice' With The Masses

Melbourne’s own Silentjay x Jace XL have impressed audiences with their unique brand of music that places itself in a category all its own. After perking our ears up with the “Just Wakin’ Up” release last year, we’ve been patiently awaiting the retro-rooted R&B duo’s Sacrifice EP. With the full clip being released shortly through Rhythm Section, OKP is ecstatic to present two new songs from the project in the form of “Sacrifice” + “Vibrate”.

Together, their unique strain (happy 4/20, y’all!) of future beats and soulful sounds will lift you to another stratosphere upon pressing play. Conceptually, Silentjay x Jace XL’s debut mini-album isn’t just for the lovers and the audiophiles, as they’ve crafted a project that doesn’t take all day to listen to and packs a sonic boom punch like Guile. In addition to the two tracks we’re premiering, you should know that they have a really cool rework of Jeff Buckley‘s “Everybody Here Wants You”.

Created during a time where both artists were experiencing the woes and troubles of being in an relationship, “Sacrifice,” according to them, “goes hand-in-hand with R&B.” “It was an attempt at recreating the nostalgic feelings that ’90s R&B music gave us,” Silentjay x Jace XL told us exclusively via e-mail. “The dreamy overtone was something we noticed only after we had finished it, but our guess is that comes across cause of our hopes for better days.” With most of the EP made during Melbourne’s winter, “Sacrifice,” lyrically, doesn’t mean surrendering — instead it “is a personal reminder to yourself and your loved one of the balance between selfishness and selflessness.”

For “Vibrate,” the melodies and subject drew Silentjay x Jace XL into a zone that forced them to become infatuated with the song. “At the time we were working on this, there was a bit of a ‘down’ period and it comes through in the lyrics,” the tandem told us through e-mail exchange. “As we progressed through the song, I managed to come to if not peace with the situation, then some kind of truce with it. The hook is fairly literal in its meaning, wanting to connect soul-to-soul.”

Without any further ado, we present “Sacrifice” + “Vibrate” for your earholes’ pleasure. If you’re a fan of that ’90s R&B feel who misses that sincere emotion, then Silentjay x Jace XL are just what you need. This dynamic duo is just what the game needs right now, and we’re encouraging you to stay tuned in to them as they keep making a splash in the game.

Be sure to buy + stream ‘Vibrate’ and ‘Sacrifice’ by heading to iTunes or Spotify.

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