SassyBlack's "No More Lame Dates" Out On May 17th

OKP Premiere: SassyBlack Renames Album + "New Boo" As First Single

SassyBlack - New Boo - No More Lame Dates - Premiere

Whenever one hears the timbre and sexiness of SassyBlack‘s voice, one is bound to reach a higher plane. As the singing half of THEESatisfaction, Catherine “Cat” Harris-White‘s insights have made her a cherished guest spot on any track. And after her 2015 release, Personal Sunlight, MamaGhana is back again with another astral offering. We here at OKP are proud to announce the release date for her newly revamped album, No More Weak Dates and its first single, “New Boo,” plus the project’s artwork.

The semi-autobiographical work is slated to be available on May 17th, but we couldn’t let Black History Month go without giving you that strain of rap&B that you all know and love. So, “New Boo” places the listener in the role of a potential suitor for our cosmic cutie and she examines just what it is like to be embedded in the single life. “The dating world can be rather frustrating and confusing, you know,” SassyBlack told us exclusively. “So many beauties, booties and bombshells — how to choose, how to choose?”

Cat, who produced “New Boo” and the entire album, wanted to make song that poked fun at the concept of looking for love with spacey, pop, R&B vibes. “Essentially, all that anyone wants in life is their one, or sometimes multiple lover(s) to hold them down. With that in mind, the understanding that each day brings a new interaction, I posed the question — could you be my new boo?” Despite most pundits categorizing her music into a certain box, SassyBlack breaks out in an imaginative way with hypnotic hooks and earthly wisdom that is sure to entertain utopian music lovers.

We were fortunate enough to hear No More Weak Dates in advance and we have to say she’s as unforgettable as ever. On certain tracks, she flutters like a nimble butterfly on easy, breezy Saturday morning. On others, she’s slippery as an eel, hard to catch as she emotes style and swag as the music requires.

Without spoiling anything for the listener, get a preview of No More Weak Dates by listening to “New Boo,” checking out the artwork and viewing the upcoming tour dates, below. Also, if you want to get your hands on No More Weak Dates early, here’s the pre-sale link HERE!

* 3/11 – Seattle Art Museum Remix – Seattle, WA
* 3/19 – SXSW – Half Step – Austin, TX
* 5/21 – Shaky Beats Festival – Atlanta, GA

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