London's Own Ruby Francis Tells Us Why She's "Paranoid"

OKP Premiere: London's Own Ruby Francis Tells Us Why She's "Paranoid"

by Kevito
April 08, 2016 12:45 PM


This budding English singer has been making a name for herself with hits like “MOVE” and “On My Knees,” as Ruby Francis is proving to be one to watch. Her brand of soulful, sensual vibes is much needed in a game where romanticism is increasingly coming up vapid on the airwaves. The London songstress does remind me of a beautiful blend of Syd tha Kid and SZA, yet as our upcoming First Look Friday subject can attest — she is her own woman.

After debuting in 2015, she has taken her passion for music to the next level with elegance and sophistication. Whether it is seeing the English delight worshipping her parents’ vinyl collection or admonishing her favorite musical influences (Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder) — Ruby Francis is putting her stamp down in a way that only she can by premiering a new cut with Okayplayer that we’re happy to showcase.

“Paranoid is about that point where you’re not sure if your thoughts are real, or if you’re the one who needs to chill,” Ruby told Okayplayer exclusively via e-mail. As someone who self-professes that she was inspired by Odd Future and The Internet‘s sounds — “Paranoid” is packed with a blend of live-sounding instruments with 23rd century, futuristic synths.

If you haven’t tilted your ears to Ruby Francis, yet, please shift them over to hear her latest cut, “Paranoid,” which is a vibe most worthy. If not, let this delicious R&B cut serve as a proper introduction to a promising new vocalist who we are proud to offer more about soon!

Listen to “Paranoid” below and follow her (and us!) on Twitter @RubyFranTweets!

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