OKP Premiere: FloFilz Offers Soulful Grooves On "The Verb"

OKP Premiere: FloFilz Offers Soulful Grooves With Barney Artist On "The Verb"

by Kevito
4 years ago

Aachen-based producer FloFilz is an artist deeply embedded into the beats he constructs. Self-identified as a musician who utilizes “jazz samples based [on] old school shit from Germany,” the man with the plan is sticking to his agenda of bringing soulful grooves to the world over.

We are honored and pleased to be the world premiere destination for his latest effort, “The Verb,” which features Barney Artist and Anthony Drawn. It is an international effort as Germany and London connect on the cut, built on a looping piano riff, tight horn stabs and dusty drums. Lyrically, Barney Artist doesn’t sound like your average bloke, as he drops braggadocios bars that would make a lesser MC type nervous.

The subtle soul that comes from this Benny Mails and Nihilismus-directed video is apparent and is reminiscent of something you would see on Yo! MTV Raps. “The Verb” is a must-listen track, which appears on FloFilz’s Speakthru record. The effort boasts appearances from Blu, Cashus King, JuJu Rogers and Chiara Noriko, in addition to the aforementioned Barney Artist and Anthony Drawn.

With Speakthru available now on Jakarta Records, we encourage you to cop these tracks that will add some beauty to your day.

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