Fat Beats To Release Ohbliv's "GiveMeh" From 'Baker's Dozen'

OKP Premiere: Fat Beats To Release Ohbliv's "GiveMeh" From 'Baker's Dozen' Second Installment

Richmond Based Producer Ohbliv Cleans Out His Backlog With A Tasty New Collection Of Beats Entitled 'LewseJoints The Third.'

Two months ago, we premiered the first installment of what has become a popular vinyl series from the good folks at Fat Beats. As many of you have come to depend on the storied record store for those rare grooves, the company gave us another opportunity to put you up on dopeness—this time crafted by the one and only, Ohbliv.

For the three of you who didn’t tune in the first time, Baker’s Dozen is an attempt to “shine a light on the best minds of instrumental hip-hop, ambient and electronic music.” This exclusive vinyl series places its legendary spotlight on Ohbliv, who will craft superfluous, startling and stunning beats for your earholes.

Music fans and audiophiles should cop as soon as possible since there will only be 500-units available. The limited pressing features twelve tracks from Ohbliv, but only half of those units will contain the rarefied thirteenth track and the eponymous “baker’s dozen bonus” on a flexi-disc. The LP is also equipped with a 5×7″ postcard insert that features a photo of Ohbliv’s workspace, the equipment that he used in his music-making process and cool, visually cohesive packaging.

Listen to Ohbliv’s “GiveMeh” from Fat Beats’ second Baker’s Dozen series below:

As Ohbliv serving as the second star of Fat Beats’ planned audio-attack, the Richmond, Virginia native describes his own style in his own words. “The compositions presented on this album represent getting back to the original intent of why I started making beats: creating a raw soulful experience. As artists in these fast-paced times, it is important to remember our initial intent when we began, and mine was and always will be created what I want to hear first. If you dig it, dig it with me.”

You can pre-order the vinyl by clicking the link and heading over to Fat Beats.

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