Angelo Moore Expresses 'Gratitude' In New Music Video

OKP Premiere: Angelo Moore + The Brand New Step Express 'Gratitude' In New Video

by Kevito
May 12, 2016 10:00 AM

Angelo Moore is a legend and there is not enough that can be said about him. A game changer, a high energy beast on stage and one of the most powerful voices in music — Angelo has been soulfully entertaining fans since 1979 and doesn’t look to be stopping any time soon. When not traveling the world with the legendary ska-and-funk band, Fishbone, Angelo has been putting in work with the Rondo Brothers. Known as the duo behind Handsome Boy Modeling School, Galactic and MC Lars — Angelo was introduced to a new outlet, which we’re happy to share with you today!

The single, “Gratitude,” from Angelo Moore & The Brand New Step, merges the former’s arranging and socially-lyrical abilities with the latter’s creative blend of music. The end result is a gumbo-rich, conscious and psychedelic soul and R&B dish with a West coast splash of spice. The full collaboration is expressed in the form of Centuries Of Heat, which is slated for release on Ropeadope Records (Velvet Portraits, Spark and Echo) on June 10. For lovers of solid grooves, Angelo Moore and The Brand New Step keep it jumping while tackling topics ranging from #BlackLivesMatter (“Built For Love”) to marijuana politics (“Killaweed”)

Boots Riley, Syzygy, Butterscotch and Casual round out the guest appearances on this 11-track album. “Gratitude,” a layered-horn-and-vocal arrangement that offers thanks to the people that have brought Angelo through the fire. An institution of musical genius, “Gratitude” and Centuries Of Heat are representations of Angelo’s deeper vibe in the music world. More honest and transformative in his current incarnation, Angelo Moore moves on from his wild-front-man persona to give us jewels to carry on with our musical journey.

Don’t avoid the serious party that goes on on this effort. You don’t want to be left behind.

Listen as Angelo Moore and The Brand New Step fuse the two worlds of soul + celebration in “Gratitude,” which you can watch for yourself below!

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