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OKP News: ?uestlove Speaks on undun, D'Angelo, Obama & More

by Eddie "STATS"
7 years ago

Issues-driven magazine Mother Jones just published an excellent, meaty interview with ?uestlove talking about the “Tarantino-esque” narrative structure of The Roots new LP undun, as well as touching on the #occupy movement, working on the new D’Angelo LP his feelings on Obama, the importance of dueling tour buses to the band’s survival thus far and how the first step to starting a musical revolution is hiring a chef. One of the more memorable passages (especially for D’Angelo-watchers) is reprinted below but we recommend you go to MJ and read the whole thing.

MJ: You don’t need much sleep, huh?

AT: I’ll tell you this much. With D’Angelo, the four songs I’m not drumming on are the songs I’m jealous of. Bill Withers’ former drummer, James Gadson—71-year-old cat—is playing this rhythm and the final result was just, I’ve never been so jealous at not being part of the creative process. James Gadson is like my hero. I’m willing to risk lack of sleep just so I can be part of history.

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