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OKP News: The Roots v. Michele Bachmann on Jimmy Fallon

by Eddie "STATS"
8 years ago

Notice I did not say “Michele Bachman X The Roots” because this is not a karaoke moment with the baddest band in late night on the back up.  As fans of the show know, the Roots try to out-do themselves with subliminal jokes in the walk-out music they play to introduce each of Jimmy Fallon’s late night guests. The ultimate example (until now) may be the time they played the groove from Milli Vanilli’s “Girl You Know It’s True” to intro infamous lip-syncher Ashlee Simpson–including a skip on the hook, right where MV gave lip-synching a bad name the first time around.

Last night, however, changed the whole game when conservative presidential candidate Bachmann was greeted with a funk-punk aria that will be instantly recognizable to fans of Fishbone (watch above). The song is called “Lyin’ Ass Bitch” (<–that is not a value judgement on my part, that is just a fact. That is the name of the song, look it up on discogs) although of course sung with a TV-friendly chorus of “She’s just a: La la la la la-la-la!”

Couldn’t be more timely, considering not only the upcoming election but also the belated recognition as musical pioneers that Fishbone is currently receiving in documentary form (<–exclusive FB interview coming soon to an OKP channel near you!)

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