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OKP News: D'Angelo Adds New Live Dates in UK & Amsterdam

by Eddie "STATS"
7 years ago

For those anxiously awaiting the second coming of “R&B Jesus” AKA D’Angelo, the blessed advent has apparently just added more dates in London and Amsterdam (now with more rapture!) Brixton Academy in London has added a 2nd show on February 4th (get tickets at HMV) and the concert calendar for the Paradiso in Amsterdam is now listing a third show on February 2nd that says “Voorverkoop Dec. 24th.”  I assume that means you can’t buy tickets until then but hey better that than “Uitverkocht,” which is dutch for “you gets nothing.” Just to make the stakes even higher, ?uestove predicted in his infamous “Michele Bachmann” interview with Pitchfork that D’Angelo would be turning in his new LP this week:

The album is pretty much 97% done. He’s just finishing his lyrics now. He needs somebody to smack him and take the record away from him because it’s pretty much finished. But I know he must turn this record in like three days before Christmas and that his first show is in Europe, and that he’s going to do a whole bunch. They even named it the Occupy Music Tour, so I know they’re serious about it.

So be good for goodness’ sake!

spotted at SC

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