Top Of The Year: OKP’s 14 Artists To Watch In 2014


3. Sango. Young midwestern producer Kai Wright AKA Sango Beats was already one of our favorite beatfreaks on the scene. Along with Atu, Kaytranada and Ta-Ku, he is one of the producers who defined the sound of the cloud in 2013; a glitchy post-Dilla knock which leans heavy on the flange and then goes heavy on the lean. That was before he busted our heads open this very week with “Pa’Mala” a trap-influenced take on bachata that ventures into totally new tropical waters; recalling Buraka Som Sistema’s Ku-bass sound or a cypernetic response to Rita Indiana’s mutant merengue, “Pa’Mala” feels like the first shot of what we hope is a whole new rhythm assault of Sango Beats.

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