No President Can Change Black History Month

No President Can Change Black History Month

by Kevito
February 02, 2017 2:55 PM

Russell Simmons Warns "Real Friend" Donald Trump of Mishandling Presidency in Open Letter

We’re only on Day 2 of Black History Month and already this Cheese-Puff-Headass-Foof is trying to outshine the glory that was the Beyoncé triple-threat pregnancy announcement. How Sway? Well, after trying to convince America that Frederick Douglass was still alive and that he has “more and more” to contribute to the nation, Drumpf made the announcement that proclaiming Black History Month as National African American History month.

Doesn’t that just smell like a new age National Socialist move courtesy of our real, shadowy president, Steve Bannon?

A senior administration official told TMZ that after meeting with “African American” leaders, he came to the consensus that the term “black” was outdated. Despite that, yes, U.S. leaders such as Ronald ReaganBill Clinton and even former President Barack Obama have used the “African American” language in similar proclamations — there is a sliminess when reading Trump doing the same thing. And even still, most modern presidents have called it “Black History Month” as a sign of respect to the people actually celebrating, creating and making the history.

While Drumpf did not purport himself to be the 21st century Carter G. Woodson, he has offended every race, color and creed outside his own base with inflammatory rhetoric that has made him to be a pariah. You will never hear him utter the word “black” in a positive way as long as he will be Cheesepuff-in-Chief (and probably has never said it without the “the”). So, on the real, while he may be in line with modern presidents in the language he used with his declaration, he and no other future leader of the free world can govern or dictate how we feel about ourselves as a people, as a force and as a muthafuckin’ crew.

As long as we continue to remain in this country, you (see: white, male + American) will not dictate how we see ourselves.

Read the full document here.

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