Nikki Lynette Returns With The New Single "Move The World"

Nikki Lynette Fires Back With The Powerful New Single "Move The World"

Nykki Lynette Move The World

It sure is wonderful to hear Ms. Nikki Lynette bringing forth brand newness. After straying off of our radar scopes for a brief bit, the R&B queen is back and sounding as great as ever with the infectious and emotive new single “Move The World,” a smoldering love song of devotion that cruises upon a heavy hip-hop beat with more trap hi-hats than you might expect. That production comes from Syience and works just right when blended with Lynette’s buttery-rich voice; what is life (or love, for that matter) but a delicate balancing act?

“Move the World” premiered over at AllHipHop, and in an interview Nikki Lynette clued her fans in to the track’s origins. “I originally wrote this song for an artist signed to a major label,” Lynette said, “she loved it. But at the end of the day, the way it worked out, I srota feel like it was meant for me to sing it.” Those left wanting more can look forward to her upcoming Respect My Disrespect EP, which is described on her website as “a masterpiece of foolishness. I’m constantly disgusted by the “sameness” of most things. Because f*#k same. My fans are all complicated, counter-culture, reckless individuals like me and they’re known as Cult Bad Ass.” We’re thrilled to hear this livewire bringing some new goods, so listen to “Move the World” below and get ready for much more to come.

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