Nikki Giovanni Honored With Maya Angelou Lifetime Achievement Award

Nikki Giovanni Honored With Maya Angelou Lifetime Achievement Award

Nikki Giovanni Honored With Maya Angelou Lifetime Achievement Award

Photo of Nikki Giovanni courtesy of The Fiction Writer’s Life.

Nikki Giovanni is one of the best-selling, most cherished authors of our time. The annual AAMBC (African Americans on the Move Book Club) awards celebrates her legacy and excellence in literature by honoring her with the Maya Angelou Lifetime Achievement Award.

“I think the AAMBC awards are important because they celebrate the achievement of people of color,” fashion and beauty blogger, Christina S. Brown said when speaking on AAMBC impact. “Anything that celebrates our achievement is important especially given the fact that our accomplishments aren’t often celebrated or acknowledged. I am very happy to be a part of the awards and I tip my hat to its creators.”

For those hardcore book lovers, Nikki Giovanni’s relationship with Maya Angelou makes this award distinction all the more impactful.

“I was friends with Maya Angelou,” Nikki Giovanni, an author, poet, professor and lover of the written word, said about her late comrade. “We would have lunch together when we were teaching at colleges near each other. Most people don’t know that Maya was a very good cook. We would tease each other by saying things like ‘I’ll teach you how to really make chicken’. It’s an honor to get an award named after such a good friend and a talented woman. I am very happy that the AAMBC awards has chosen [to honor] me.”

A Grammy nominee, a seven-time NAACP Image Award winner and a finalist for the National Book Award, Nikki Giovanni has authored three New York Times and Los Angeles Times best sellers. In addition to teaching writing on college campuses, she is a tireless and fearless activist who has been on the frontline for the Civil Rights Movement to the most recent Women’s March. “As a poet, activist and educator Nikki Giovanni helped set a path for women, bloggers and journalists like me. We all stand on her shoulders so I am excited that Nikki Giovanni is getting honored. It is very well deserved,” Christina S. Brown said.

The AAMBC awards will be full of black excellence as Nikki Giovanni has earned this distinction with her commitment to creativity and is totally worth attending if you’re in the Atlanta area. This year’s literary awards will happen on June 10 at 5:30 p.m. and tickets are available at AAMBCAwards.com.

H/T: Huffpo Black Voices

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