New Black History: Jaylen Bledsoe Is History In The Making

New Black History: Celebrate Blackness In The Now

Photos of New Black History subjects courtesy of Twitter.

Say it loud! I’m black and I’m proud! Yes, yes, y’all, it is officially Black History Month, despite the fact that most of us celebrate our achievements every day. Now, more than ever this acknowledgment of black beauty, brilliance and boldness is necessary to get us through this disgusting Donald Drumpf existence we’re living in. From learning about Civil Rights legends such as Rosa Parks + Malcolm X to getting history lessons about our past (see: Black Wall Street) to championing the drive within Jaylen Bledsoe (Above: the 19-year-old CEO behind the $3.5 million IT company, Bledsoe Technologies, LLC) — the new Black History Month is about incorporating those elements, enriching our present to create a beautiful, black future.

To commemorate this moment where we, too, say #YesToBlack (shout-out to BET), we highlight the accomplishments of black people who represent the now, the 21st century with style, flair, ingenuity + grace. Check it with us every Wednesday + Thursday for the month of February as we introduce you, the Okayplayer reader, to a force to be reckoned with. Let us gather around as a family to honor the #NewBlackHistory inside + outside of America’s wall. Who knows, you might come away inspired and with new knowledge that you didn’t have before.

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