Must-Cop Record Store Day 2016 Releases: Black Friday Edition

Must-Cop Record Store Day 2016 Releases: Black Friday Edition

Must-Cop Record Store Day 2016 Releases: Black Friday Edition

Black Friday is upon us and with renewed meaning in the age of Trump. Whereas in years past you might have scoured the internets for the deepest dives in price tags for things you may not (read: probably won’t) use ever, this year, we’re approaching the day after Thanksgiving from what basically amounts to the diametrically opposite angle. In the year of the deplorable Cheeto, we’re taking our money out of the pockets of those that have supported his shit-show, fear-mongering political circus, and putting it back into the place that matters most: our families, our friends, and perhaps most importantly, our health, both communal and individual.

And this year, maybe more than ever, that means feeding the tweeters with this year’s most compelling Record Store Day offerings, to help you smoke, drink and dance the pain away with the notes of masters past and present.

This year’s haul is not for the faint of funk, nor those resistant to rhythm. We have choice selections and RSD-exclusives from blues giants like Jimi Hendrix and Muddy Waters, ferocious psychedelia from Isaac Hayes and The Bar Kays, XXX holidaze humor from Dolemite himself, Rudy Ray Moore, and that new new super-heavy funk from minister James Brown and his star-studded People Records roster. And that’s just a few of this year’s most coveted Record Store Day grooves. So while the rest of the world is hitting Best Buy, Amazon or Macy’s for the best deals on the worst wastes of time and money, head out to your wrecka stow and support the local economies with your funky dollar bill. It should be noted that all of these selections, with the exception of those noted, are in-store exclusive releases. So be sure to buck the itis and actually step out the house to dig for these gems.

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