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Stream A Mother’s Day Mixtape From Southern Hospitality

Stream A Mother’s Day Mixtape From Southern Hospitality

Mother's Day Mix

.Mother's Day Mix

Mother’s Day is almost upon us and Mixtape specialists Southern Hospitality–has done us all the convenience of assembling some iconic songs about mothers to bump as Sunday approaches, because, after all, what’s a better present than beats? The mixtape– a deft balance between rap and soul– begins with arguably the mother’s day song: Tupac’s “Dear Mama.” The L.A. native’s timeless song sets the appropriate tone for the rest of the playlist: appreciative and pensive.

Southern Hospitality’s selections are remarkably even-handed, showing no preference for a specific style or region. Our selections range from classic West Coast tracks like Snoop Dogg‘s “I Love My Mama” to East Coast jams like Jay-Z’s “Momma Loves Me.” Kanye West‘s “Hey Mama”– both the original recording as well as the hauntingly beautiful Grammy remix– is included to great affect rounding out some of the playlist’s harder, more biting beats like those provided by Lil Boosie and Master P.

Southern Hospitality has done you all a massive a favor. It knows how busy you’ve been lately and it’s done you the solid of already picking up a Mother’s Day gift. Sure, you’re “really going to pick her up a present, tomorrow. Ferreal this time.” But the worst case scenario is that she gets a thoughtful collection of  verses about that most special of special ladies in all our lives.

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Mothers Day Mix – Mixed & Compiled by DJ Superix by Southern Hospitality on Mixcloud


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