Morehouse College President Disappointed With Trump’s HBCUs Meeting

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Morehouse College President Disappointed With Trump's HBCUs Meeting

Following a number of leaders from historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) meeting with Donald Trump, one HBCU president has voiced his displeasure with the meeting.

In a report from Fox 5 Atlanta, Morehouse College President Dr. John Wilson Jr., said that the White House had created high expectations after calling Trump’s executive order historic and revolutionary.

However, what the executive order really did was transfer the initiative on HBCUs from the Department of Education into the Executive Office of the White House. Also, no money is tied to the order.

“I don’t mind saying, that we were — a number of us — were disappointed, not because of what we thought on our own leading up to this meeting, but what we were led to think,” Wilson said. “And so I think it was a little underwhelming to see that the most tangible differentiator that happened here was an office relocation.”

It is unknown how the office relocation will affect HBCUs. If the initiative had remained under the Department of Education, it arguably would not have faired well, considering Education Secretary Betsy DeVos‘ controversial statement on HBCUs.

Recently, DeVos had issued a statement speaking on HBCUs in which she referred to them as “real pioneers when it comes to school choice.”

Some have said that DeVos’ statement ignored the history of segregation in America, and how black people were denied higher education in this country because of that.

HBCU leaders meeting with Trump has resulted in some controversy at HBCUs in the country. Earlier this week, multiple incidents occurred at Howard University where graffiti was written all across the campus. The first one featured the words “Welcome to the Trump plantation. Overseer: Wayne A. I. Frederick,” and was written on the university’s schoolyard.

Since then more graffiti has popped up, with this tweet showing several new ones that have appeared, including one that says “Wayne Frederick Doesn’t Care About Black People.”

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