Months Before Prince Passed, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis Asked For The Keys To The Vault

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Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis Want To Produce The Recordings Stashed In Prince's Vault

Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis Want To Produce The Recordings Stashed In Prince's Vault

Perhaps the most unsettling lingering thought in the wake Prince‘s passing is just how much music of The Purple One’s music we didn’t hear. In itself this seems unfathomable, given the 39 studio albums and wealth of live recordings that would take a lifetime to fully absorb for even the most devout of purple patrons. All of which begs the question: how exactly does the estate handle those mythical (and boundless, numbered in the thousands) recordings locked up in the vault?

This is a question that requires more than a few hundred words of investigation, but it is worth mentioning that months before the legend passed, former bandmates and lifelong friends, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, put in their bid for the keys to the purple bank vault. Speaking with Access Hollywood Live, Jimmy Jam revealed a proposition he posed to His Purple Majesty, to produce the vaulted recordings, presumably with the intention to release them one day. And while we can’t rightfully say what the appropriate course of action should be in regards to those recordings, the prospect of the Flyte Tyme team reviving them doesn’t seem terrible on its face, though we can’t definitively say whether this is what Prince would have wanted. Watch Jimmy Jam discuss the proposition and the legacy of their longtime friend in the clip below.

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