Mobb Deep Dares The Internet To A #ShookOnesChallenge

Mobb Deep Dares The Internet To A #ShookOnesChallenge

by Kevito
August 24, 2016 11:40 AM

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There have been a rash of internet-created, social media-focused challenges lately that ravaged followers and fiends for years now. The uptick has resulted in sales increases for artists (see: Monica‘s #SoGoneChallenge), internet fame for others who pull off a successful challenge (#CantYouSeeChallenge) and all-around legend status for those who can imagine a new twist on an old classic (#RunningManChallenge). Now, it appears that two of hip-hop’s most legendary dunn’s are getting into the mix with a challenge of their own.

The Infamous Mobb Deep raised up the bar to aspiring MCs, fans and lovers of the hardcore rap with the #ShookOnesChallenge. The Queensbridge duo are captializing on their classic 1995 single, “Shook Ones (Pt. II)” from The Infamous and are issuing the call out through Instagram. “No disrespect to those doing the #SoGoneChallenge but we want to know where the real spitters at?” the official Mobb Deep Instagram page wrote. “Prodigy made the call so it’s on #ShookOnesChallenge, let’s go! No whack ish allowed… #InfamousSociety #IceExports #MobbDeep.”

So far, the page has only reposted two clips:

Will you enter the #ShookOnesChallenge? If so, tag us and we’ll salute our favorite ones we see on IG!

H/T: Hip-Hop Wired

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