Mobb Deep, Public Enemy + More Make Up The Top 25 Best Selling Hip-Hop Albums Of 2016

Mobb Deep, Public Enemy + More Make Up The Top 25 Best Selling Hip-Hop Albums Of 2016

Snoop Dogg 22nd Anniversary - Doggystyle - The Samples

2016 saw vinyl record sales chart bigger than streaming, physical copy sales of CD and digital purchases for the first time in 28 years. As what was old has been made new again, a new generation of audiophiles are finding out just how pristine the sound of a record playing against a needle on a turntable is instead of just funneling it through some Beats headphones.

To commemorate such a banner year, Okayplayer has linked up with the good folks at Discogs to help break down some of the best selling records from its site. Even if some of you diggers and collectors have doubts on what should’ve made the list—that’s fine—we hope that you discuss it with us in our comments section or @Okayplayer on Twitter. Also, don’t forget that we carry many of these items ourselves in our OKP Shop (click the links, free your mind).

With throwback gems such as Rob Base and Public Enemy paired with newer classics from Kendrick Lamar — it is clear that a new age of listeners have a strong desire to study the greats and learn the tools necessary to call themselves a student of “true school” hip-hop. To support the site, we’re only listing the top albums from #25 to #10. Please head over to Discogs.com to see the full list using the link on the next page.

Without any further ado, here we go!


25. Rob Base + DJ E-Z Rock – It Takes Two

This classic hip-hop staple rang the register a fair amount of times as it sold 351 copies.

Ready To Die Vinyl Record Store Day

24. The Notorious B.I.G. – Ready To Die

Brooklyn’s own still has a lot of fans wanting to engage as they, too, copped this classic 351 times.


23. Public Enemy – It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back

A Hall of Fame time record, PE’s second studio album comes in at #23 with 352 records sold.

Mobb Deep- 'The Infamous Mobb Deep' [LP Stream] + Funk Flex Freestyle

22. Mobb Deep – The Infamous

Dark, gritty, influential and certainly a record to have in one’s collection, The Infamous, was bought by 357 people.


21. Beastie Boys – Ill Communication

These Def Jam legends are still beloved by hip-hop fans as 391 copies were sold on Discogs.com, bringing them to #21 on the list.


20. Dr. Dre – 2001

Dr. Dre’s sequel to the best-selling record, The Chronic, still has legs as people have lit this album up for 399 copies.


19. Afrika Bambaataa + Soulsonic Force – Planet Rock

A record that started it all for hip-hop, Planet Rock, has been copped 403 times.

J Dilla's 'Donuts' Gets 10th Anniversary Vinyl Reissue w/ Original Artwork

18. J Dilla – Donuts

A certified great record for any hip-hop vinyl collector, fans of the late, great J Dilla have purchased this album 419 times from Discogs.

A Tribe Called Quest's 'People's Instinctive Travels...' 25th Anniversary Vinyl Pre-Order

17. A Tribe Called Quest – People’s Instinctive Travels And The Paths Of Rhythm

Can you call yourself a hip-hop fan if you haven’t digested this album? Well, 439 people can say they are… will you join them?


16. Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel – White Lines (Don’t Don’t Do It)

Another hip-hop classic that every head should own, 445 people purchased White Lines to bring it up to #16 on the list.

15. Beastie Boys – Paul’s Boutique

A copy of this should be in anyone’s record collection. So, 450 people are on the money for getting Paul’s Boutique.

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