Mixtape Mondays: Blackmale Beats, Diplo, J Boogie + More

Mixtape Mondays: Blackmale Beats, Diplo, DJ Still Life + More

Mixtape Mondays: Blackmale Beats - Skool Assembly mix

Museum-quality mixing by Blackmale Beats (you remember them from previous Mixtape Mondays inclusions) but besides the soulful synthwork and soundbites, you know from the title that beat streets is a lesson, too. Check the artist’s statement that accompanies Blackmale’s sonic recreation/interrogation of their school assembly days:

‘Skool Assembly’ – The meaning behind this was inspired by our primary and secondary school assembly experiences. School assembly’s were always intense and added a vibrant start to the day. At most every assembly had a local relevant message and involved music or singing. We have taken that concept and brought it back to life in a Blackmale Beats form. ~ Blackmale Beats.

Covering topics such as, British Hip-Hop (past/present/future), Marginalisation, community, culture, creativity, South London plus more. Breaking through with a soulful British twist accompanied with sound bites from programs such as The Real McCoy, Grange Hill, Only Fools And Horses, and Ali G.

Track List
1. The Soul Show – (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) {36sec}
2. Space Fun – (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) {2.08}
3. NEETS Not In Education Employment Or Training – (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) {3.43}
4. Who’s Got Your Mind – (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) {6.45}
5. Just Be Thankful – (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) {8.27}
6. This Is My Home .Feat PheonixDaFire,JTheEx, Donna Hines & Alim Kamara – (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) {15.23}
7. Say No To Burger Sauce .Feat Art Daley – (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) {18.19}
8. Blak Twang Speaks/Classic Moments .Feat Blak Twang – (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) {22.19}
9. Ghetto Yute – (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) {27.57}
10. Roots & Culture .Feat Levi Roots – (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) {29.11}
11.Warrior Song – (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) *Exclusive* {33.00}
12. Got It Bad .Feat GeEky mE aka Joel Culpepper – (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) 2010 unreleased {36.32)
13. Eton College Gangsters – (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) {39.11}
14. Special Vide – Midas Touch – (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) {40.51}
15. Be Something .Feat Deuan German Of CEN Networks & The Kids – (Prod By. Blackmale Beats) {42.55}

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