Mixtape Mondays: DJ Shadow, DJ Day, Dr Kwest

Mixtape Mondays: DJ Shadow, DJ Day, Dr Kwest

DJ Shadow "All Basses Covered: The Infamous South Beach Set)"

Less talk, more mixtape?   Okay.  Let’s just jump right into it this week with live DJ sets from DJ Shadow and DJ Day plus some electronic madness from Dr Kwest!

DJ Shadow – “All Basses Covered: The Infamous South Beach Set (December 2012)”

During a stop at Mansion in Miami on his “All Basses Covered” tour, DJ Shadow was unceremoniously pulled from the decks by club management because they didn’t like the music that he was playing. Obviously whoever booked Shadow knew his name but didn’t know the resumé. Shadow has posted up the entirety of his set from that night. Did management make the right decision or should they have let Shadow finish his set for his fans?



DJ Day "Live @ The Do-Over/Auckland, New Zealand 12-09-12"

DJ Day – “Live @ The Do-Over (Auckland, NZ, 12/9/12)”

Los Angeles’ wandering “The Do-Over” party has been wandering to all corners of the globe since it’s inception a few years back. The party has rightfully gained a reputation for being one of the best parties LA has to offer with it’s constantly rotating list of guest DJ’s. DJ Day traveled to New Zealand with the party last year, and has shared his set of hip-hop, soul, and dance music online!



Dr. Kwest “The Gold Paddler #4”

Featuring a grip of electronic beats plucked from the future next to some dope underground hip-hop and house music, Dr. Kwest‘s The Gold Paddler #4 features tracks from 00Genesis, Quasimoto, Captain Murphy, N*E*R*D,  and a bunch more!

Dr Kwest – The GoldPadder #3 by Laid Back on Mixcloud


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