Mixtape Monday: Exclusive J Dilla x Rashad Hayes Premiere!

Mixtape Monday: Exclusive J Dilla x DJ Rashad Hayes Premiere, Run the Jewels, Onra + More!

DJ Rashad Hayes J Dilla Mixtape Cover 715

The very warmest Mixtape Monday greetings to you and yours. Was your Halloween all you hoped it’d be? Hopefully you got all the candy you hoped for and nobody jack’d your lantern. But if you’re longing for just a few more treats, this roundup has you got you covered like a costume head-to-toe. The tapes on deck are particularly deelicious.

It’s our very special privilege to start this week with an exclusive world premiere of DJ Rashad Hayes‘s Tribute to J Dilla mixtape–68 minutes of neck-snapping Jay Dee productions compiled and stitched together in a truly amazing fashion. Let that sink in a bit, and get ready to fall in love, then recompose yourself because we’ve also got a Run The Jewels 2 Tour-inspired mix from Trackstar the DJ, new Rap Français sounds from Parisian producer Onra, plus Count Bass D, our man Ally Al, and plenty more funk from all around the globe brought here just for you. Strongest #MixtapeMonday of the year? Click through, listen up, and find out for yourself.

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