Miguel May Star In John Legend & Nabil's New Musical

Miguel Is In Talks To Star In A Musical Produced By John Legend & Directed By Nabil

Miguel Is In Talks To Star In A Musical Produded By John Legend & Directed By Nabil

The year in music keeps getting more and more interesting. It’s being reported that John Legend‘s production house Get Lifted Film Co. is smoothing out the edges on a deal that would put Miguel in the leading role of a forthcoming musical treatment for the silver screen that would also find visionary director Nabil in his feature length debut. According to Variety, Miguel’s role will be that of a “former one hit wonder who regains his love for music when he is hired to coach an aspiring singer for her audition on a singing competition show.” Shooting is scheduled to commence this September, with no known effect on the timeline for Miguel’s much-anticipated Kaleidoscope Dreams follow-up which is supposedly well on its way to completion and could feature the Paul brothers (Jai & A.K.) as well as Hudson Mohawkebut you know how that goes; until the track list shows up, nothing is certain (and even then, you’ve gotta be careful.) We’ll be sure to keep our fingers on the pulse, so check back in the months to come for updates. Until then, jump back to Miguel’s three-track tease nwa.hollywooddreams.coffee or peep his soaring performance from Roots Jam 2015 below.

spotted at Variety

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