Michael Jackson Auditioned For The Role Of Professor X

Michael Jackson Auditioned For Professor Xavier Role In 'X-Men'

Pass The Popcorn: Michael Jackson's Final Days Will Be Fit To A New Scripted TV Show

Michael Jackson has always been a busy beaver ever since he was a pre-teen. A lover of the fantastic and the surreal, the man who created the character “Captain EO,” unexpectedly had a secret love for Stan Lee‘s mutant society.

In a new revelation by X-Men franchise writer, David Hayter, it was told that the King of Pop actually came in for an audition for the role of Professor Charles Xavier, the brains behind the mutant rights group, the X-Men.

Hayter revealed that Michael Jackson came in to audition because he wanted the lead role that eventually went to Sir Patrick Stewart. In another shocking twist, his sister, Janet Jackson, was actually brought in to audition for the role of Ororo “Storm” Munroe, which eventually went to Halle Berry.

Other shocking stories involved Mariah Carey, who also wanted the role of the weather-controlling mutant, because she was, according to David Hayter, “looking to spark her acting career.” Professional athletes attempted to join the project, too, as Shaquille O’Neal read for the role of Bishop, a character who wouldn’t appear in a movie until 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past and Rachael Leigh Cook as Rogue.

All in all, despite some missteps (we’re looking at you, Gambit!) — learning that Michael Jackson was wholly invested in playing the mind-bending mutant civil rights leader is a revelation worth one’s time.

H/T: SlashFilm

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