MeLo-X "FFFS" feat. Little Simz - Okayplayer

MeLo-X "FFFS" feat. Little Simz

by shamz
September 01, 2015 10:00 PM


After making his return from a brief hiatus two weeks ago, the homie MeLo-X is heating up again. “Baby Eye” was plenty dope, but single two takes it up a notch with his partner in rhyme from across the pond, Little Simz. Listen to MeLo and UK lyricist Simz collab on “FFFS.” Says MeLo of the collab: “We were watching the Red Bull video where the guy skydives from space, so our verses were inspired by looking at the world from that perspective. Simz starts her verse with ‘Tumbling tumbling down listen / are you hearing me now’ and mine starts with ‘The planet looks so small from here / no signs of war from here.’” You’ll find this one as well as the aforementioned “Baby Eye,” on MeLo’s upcoming EP, CURATE, which is due out later this month.

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