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Melanie Fiona Shares Her Daring New Video For “Bite The Bullet”

Melanie Fiona Shares Her Daring New Video For “Bite The Bullet”

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When Toronto R&B songstress Melanie Fiona first shared her new single “Bite The Bullet,” we were immediately bowled over by its practiced power. Matching reggae brightness with a bold, determined hook, the song is a perfect mix of light and darkness–and now it’s been given the perfect visual treatment. In her new video for “Bite The Bullet,” Miss Fiona appears as a Bond-esque femme fatale, dodging the attacks of shadowy figures as she herself strives to hit a moving target: the heart of another.

“Wish I could break down your walls / Be the one you call / Catch you when you fall,” Fiona belts during the song’s bridge, casually relaxing in a bathtub filled with golden bullets and gripping a revolver that seems fit for very large game. But it’s at that very moment that the gun reveals itself to be a horn. In fact, every potentially dangerous weapon in Melanie Fiona’s new clip turns out to be either a keyboard, horn or guitar of some sort–instruments of love. The video was directed by her manager, Carmen Murray and is one of the more engaging and neatly symbolic statements we’ve seen in quite some time. “Bite the Bullet” will appear on Fiona’s upcoming project, Awake, the release date of which remains unspecified. Watch the video below–and don’t forget the body armor.


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