Meek Mill Calls for Criminal Justice Reform in Powerful New York Times Op-Ed

The rapper says that plantations and jails are “no different”

On Monday (November 26th), Meek Mill penned an opinion piece in The New York Times, demanding a new set of rights for incarcerated citizens. A video accompanied the Op-Ed, with Meek further explaining bias within the system and how the law doesn’t protect us but oppresses us.

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In the Op-Ed, Meek speaks about his experience with the law and the bias within the system:

Like many who are currently incarcerated, I was the victim of a miscarriage of justice — carried out by an untruthful officer, as determined by the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office, and an unfair judge…My crime? Popping a wheelie on a motorcycle in Manhattan. Even though the charge was dismissed in a New York City court, a Philadelphia-based judge still deemed my interaction with the police to be a technical violation of my probation.

Last year, Meek Mill was sentenced to two to four years in prison based on earlier arrests. Judge Genece Brinkley claimed that he violated his probation and denied the rapper bail before sending him to prison. After five months in jail, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overruled the sentence.

In the essay, Meek advocates for, “stronger prison rehabilitation programs, updated probation policies… an improved bail system and balanced sentencing structures” while urging others to put pressure on the lawmakers who represent us.

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Mill also announced the formation of a new foundation called ReformNow which will push for criminal justice reform. The initiative will launch soon.

On Monday, Meek also announced the The Motivation Tour, which will be supporting his upcoming album, Championships.

Source: NY Times

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