Maxwell Discusses His Creative Process for NPR’s ‘Noteworthy’

shamz I like ink and alcohol.... and I listen to music…


I think at this point we’ve all had enough time to digest Maxwell’s stellar new album, blackSUMMERS’night (if not, catch up). Maxwell is currently touring overseas, but we get a nice look at the creation of his latest masterpiece (and those before it) via NPR’s mini-documentary series, Noteworthy.

The focus of the video is Maxwell’s 20+ year collaborative relationship with songwriter/producer Hod David. We kick it with the pair (and host Jason King) in Hod’s NYC studio to find out how this relationship came to be. They discuss Maxwell’s love of and early beginnings in NY, the instant musical chemistry with Hod, the evolution of his sound (and look) over the years, the impact of Prince‘s passing, and much more. A great watch for any Maxwell fan, check it out below.

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