Marquise Jackson Defends "Different" + Slams Nepotism [Interview]

Marquise Jackson Defends "Different," Big-Ups Nas + Slams Nepotism [Interview]

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For longtime hip-hop fans, the name Marquise Jackson is a familiar one. The offspring of one, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, the pair have battled each other on-and-offline as their father-son relationship has deteriorated into a war of words + memes on Instagram. On Monday, the 20-year-old debuted his first foray into the music biz with the song, “Different,” which employs a similar rhyme pattern as his famous pops.

Add to the mix that Marquise dropped the track smack dab on the 14th anniversary of 50’s debut album, Get Rich Or Die Tryin’, and you could see why the press jumped on the idea that the prodigal son has issues with his father. “Lost my pops, but he still alive,” Marquise raps on the track, which you can listen yourself below, the young rap gunner reinterprets Dr. Dre‘s “What’s The Difference” creating a stand out first showing.

With this being the first song he’s ever made, Marquise is preparing to step firmly outside his father’s shadow with his upcoming mixtape, Escape. We were able to get in touch with Marquise to get his thoughts behind the track, if he was really dissing his pops and why there’s no nepotism in his ascent into the rap game.

Okayplayer: In your chat with Rap-Up, you talk about your father being like Superman. While growing up who were some of your other rap influences that inspired you to enter the music biz?

Marquise Jackson: Growing up, my biggest influence was Nas. The Queens native was in heavy rotation at my home. My mom said that when I was three-years-old, I would say [that] I wanted to go to Queensbridge, and she would reply, “To see who? We don’t know anyone in Queensbridge,” and I would respond back and say, “Nas, mommy!” [laughs].

OKP: Can you walk us through the process of how you put this song together? Where were you when you were putting the bars together? Did you perform it for anyone before hitting the studio?

MJ: I was in Los Angeles, vibing to Dr. Dre‘s 2001 and “What’s The Difference” is one of my favorite tracks. I was just listening to it in the car. I had it on repeat. [The hook] is a simple line with so much meaning. It just clicked. Everyone says [that] I look like my pops, [and] we [may] look-alike, but we’re the complete opposite. That’s the difference.

OKP: What’s next? Is “Different” a precursor to a full-length project? Or are you looking for the right situation (label deal?) before making another move?

MJ: “Different” is just the intro to my mixtape titled, Escape, which I look forward to releasing soon. I’m open if the right situation presents itself.

OKP: We see the offspring of famous rappers attempt to get into the game with varying degrees of success. How do you see your journey in music different than others?

MJ: More often than not, you see famous offsprings attempt to carry on a legacy, instead of creating their own. They usually have their famous parent(s) backing them. With me, there is no nepotism over here, and there are no restrictions on what I can say about my life.

OKP: Most rap fans are familiar with your issues with your father, but why start off your own career dissing 50?

MJ: It’s not a diss track. If you listen to the song, I clearly state, “I lost my pops, but he’s still alive!” He is present as in he is living, but he isn’t present in my day-to-day life! That is something that my life consists of [and] that’s not a diss. It’s a fact!

OKP: The back-and-forth between you two has gone for years now for different reasons. Where’s the breaking point that needs to happen for a reconciliation to take place?

MJ: I don’t know.

Listen to “Difference” below + keep your ears open for more on Escape and from Marquise Jackson by following him on Instagram @199viq.

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